Orchid Pusey
Orchid started performing in nursery school in Bejing, back when singing in front of crowds of people seemed like a good idea, and there was a steaming white sweet potato to eat afterwards. She has performed with other groups in various venues since then, but none have offered the sweet potato. She joined Voices in the fall of 2000, and (just in case Voices alone didn’t miraculously transform the violence of this world) started working full time at Asian Women’s Shelter in San Francisco not much later. Orchid is still in both places, thanks in no small part to the love and support of her amazing partner Shawna, french bulldog Birdie, friends and family, movies meaningful and meaningless, and...well...potatoes (of the white sweet variety and beyond).
Jessica Flintoft
Jessica has been in Voices since fall 2000. Voices has taught Jessica how to sing better, sing higher notes, and sing in front of a bunch of people. Other musical endeavors include dusting off her cello and periodically dreaming up plans for The Band.
Anne Guiltinan
Anne began her musical career at age 6 with the original vocal composition "I Want To Be A Missionary Sister". Influenced by the awareness that she was forbidden to become the Pope, a priest, or even an altar boy, her plans changed, and she entered college as a voice major. Upon realizing that this would require her to sing arias while wearing a dress, she went to her fall-back plan: psychology. After 18 years as a psychotherapist, Anne joined Voices in 2006, and is now a born again singer, hoping to spread the gospel of peace, gender equality and lesbian visibility to lands far and near.
Marianne Hockenberry
Marianne was born into a very musical family. She has sung nonstop ever since she learned to read and was physically able to lift all the family song books onto her top-level bunk bed, where she spent many a childhood afternoon. Her more recent loves include her new daughter, Claire; the leather community; dragon boating under the night sky; intense cycling; and throwing strong, precise punches into a boxing bag.
Samantha Wright
Edie, like many Baby Boomers, grew up with social justice music like Pete Seeger’s, interwoven with the Beetles, Dylan, Streisand, and Mozart. In high school she sang in the choir, learning vocal technique from her all-time favorite teacher. For a time, modern dance, her physical therapy career, and then raising two young children took up most of her energy. In 1999, singing resurfaced when Edie began singing with a women’s octet and serving on the lay cantorial team at Kehilla Community Synagogue in the East Bay. She sang in a women's quartet called Treble Makers for about 5 years through 2011, and joined Voices in September 2010, motivated by her desire to sing socially conscious a cappella music that moves the soul.
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Jamie McGrath
Singing and literature are Jamie´s two lifelong loves. From childhood, Jamie sang in many choirs, wrote incessantly and read everything she could get her hands on. She works as a librarian and is devoted to intellectual freedom and civil rights. A founding member of the Southwest Florida Gay and Lesbian Chorus, when she returned to the Bay Area in 1995 she joined Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco. In 1999 she began singing Latin American protest music with La Peña Community Chorus in Berkeley. Last year she had the delightful experience of performing in two lesbian musicals. She joined Voices in 2011 is thrilled to be focusing on lesbian visibility and social justice, as well as further developing the musical skills small ensemble singing requires.
Edie Murphy
From the very beginning, if Sam is happy, she’s singing - whether it’s in the grocery store or on stage. Moving from the East Coast to the West after landing her dream job, Sam joined Voices in 2013 after discovering that Voices was just the community she was looking for - a group of women who are passionate about music, social justice, and other women!